Fire Safety Plans

Near North Fire Safety provides Fire Safety Plan (FSP) Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Updating of building specific FSP’s for all types of occupancies (Assembly, Commercial, Institutional, Residential, Industrial, Mercantile). Our Services include an onsite review of the building layout and identification of all applicable fire and life safety features as well as accurate floor, site and evacuation plans providing clarification all fire and life safety features/devices in the building. The FSP will provide specific training and responsibilities for supervisory staff, requirement maintenance, hazard identification and emergency procedures. We at Near North also provide annual review, revisions and amendments of FSP for compliance with the OFC as well as notification to the Authority Having Jurisdiction that your annual requirements have been completed.

Building Fire Safety Assessments

Near North Fire Safety offers our clients Building Fire Safety Assessments – Providing guidance to and assurance that your building is fire safe and meets all applicable code and standards. If you are issued an Inspection Order or Notice of Violation from the Authority Having Jurisdiction, Near North Fire Safety provides a thorough review of the Inspection Order and provides guidance toward achieving compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and other applicable codes, standards and legislation.
One of the most important times to have a building fire safety assessment is during the sale or purchase of a property. We complete many building fire safety assessments prior to the closing of a real estate transaction, identify contraventions to the Ontario Fire Code and assisting to avoid additional cost from occurring after closing to achieve compliance.
All our Building Fire Safety Assessment are followed up by a detailed accurate report in which you will note consistent format for each observation identified as requiring attention. Each item will have a brief description of the issue, an explanation as to the reason it is an issue, and a reference to the Ontario Fire Code. Near North can provide a records management program to assist with compliance tracking.

Fire Code Consultation

Near North Fire Safety Fire Code consultation service provides Ontario Fire Code interpretation and assisting in understanding and achieving compliance with an Inspection Order or Notice of Violation issued by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). We at Near North Fire Safety work closely with the local AHJ to determine how to achieve compliance and avoid prosecution. If a viable option to gain compliance is not achievable due to building layout, age or circumstances, we will assist with the development of alternative measure proposals to AHJ for review, approval and implementation.

If you have been served with a Inspection Order and do not agree with the AHJ findings during their inspection, you are able to request a review and/or appeal the Inspection Order through the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. One of our services is the review of Inspection Orders to assist with the process in order to submit Appeals / Review requests through the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. If you are served a summons and are being prosecuted for Ontario Fire Code violations, Near North Fire Safety has access to Paralegal to assist with Court Preparation and Representation for fire code issues.

WETT Inspection Services

Providing Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspections ensure safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada. A WETT inspection of a wood-burning system may be required for the following reasons:

  • Insurance company requested an inspection
  • Pre-purchase home inspection purposes
  • System performance issue
  • Visible signs of damage

Fire Safety Training Programs

We at Near North believe that everyone has a role to play in fire safety. The key to maintaining a fire safe building and compliance with the Ontario Fire Code is a through understanding of your specific responsibilities by on-going training for building occupants, supervisory staff and owners/operators. We have created training programs specific to your needs which can take place in a classroom setting at our location or on site as well as practical demonstrations and hands on training.
Near North Fire Safety currently provide the following fire safety training programs:

  • Fire Warden / Supervisory Staff training
  • Fire Drill procedure development, observation and recommendations
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Industry Specific Training (PSW, Real Estate)
  • Care, Care and Treatment, Retirement Home Evacuation Training


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